3 Systems Entrepreneurs Need In Business

It’s simple, apply these 3 proven systems below to fill your funnel and keep the clients and money coming in, predictably and consistently.  I mean who doesn’t want consistent and predictable income, save time, and most of all frustration? 

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Before your first client can pay you, they need to know who you are and what you do. Discovery can happen in a dozen different ways, so it’s just a matter of choosing the best method for you and your ideal client.  What are the ways you may be asking?  Using blogs, the right social media platforms, and speaking engagements (webinars and training) can be useful. 

Build a Relationship

Once they have found you, your future client is unlikely to hire you at first sight. That would be a bit like getting married on the first date. It’s possible, but it rarely goes well or lasts long. To have a successful marriage, you first have to build a relationship. The same is true in business.

  • Do you have email marketing, engage in networking groups, or provide complimentary consultations? 

Make the Sale

The final piece of the puzzle is to make the sale. This can happen in a variety of ways, and an ideal sales funnel contains them all, working together seamlessly to present the right offer at the right time and seal the deal. 

  • What do your sales funnel look like?
  • Do you provide any special offers?
  • How do you provide a fantastic customer experience? 

Sound too easy?

While it’s proven to work and easy to set up, making all the pieces fit together seamlessly can be confusing.

So if you are confused and you feel you need some help! Schedule a complimentary clarity session and let’s see what systems would work best for you. I have helped other entrepreneurs just like you uncover, their vision, get unstuck, and take simple but strategic steps to help them streamline their business.

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